O & D Manufacturing

Founded in 1965, O&D Manufacturing is a dynamic centrifugal foundry and precision machining company in White Oak, Texas.

We specialize in centrifugally cast and CNC machined copper and bronze alloy castings, bushings, bearings, and a wide array of bronze finished machine parts built to custom specifications. Our spacious foundry acts as an in-house supplier for all our vertical and horizontal centrifugal castings and air-set sand castings; enabling us to respond to your quotes with highly competitive prices and quick response times for production.

Additionally, we inventory and special order a vast amount of raw material in the form of continuous cast Brass, Bronze, and Aluminum bar stock. 

Through the years, we’ve earned a reputation of producing quality products with prompt, on-time delivery. Our customers include Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.), machine shops, and metal supply houses nation-wide.


Our foundry delivers rough machined castings to your specifications and serves as an in-house material supplier to our own finish machine shop, and is an external supplier to metal warehouses, machine shops, and O.E.M. manufacturers nationwide.

Machine Shop

O&D Manufacturing, Inc. produces finished machine parts made of bronze and brass for Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.).

Inventory/Raw Materials

O & D manufactures, inventories, and ships “off-the-shelf” thousands of parts each year to O.E.M. companies who depend on us to supply high quality parts on time at a reasonable price. 

Whatever your bronze or brass requirements; be it your production parts, or maintenance expendables to keep your operation performing, O&D Mfg. will be your most reliable source from casting certified ingots thru finished parts machined to perfection.











O&D Difference

Specialty Manufacturing

With our in-house foundry and machine shop, we have the capability to create any part needed, custom to your specifications.

Economically and Environmentally Friendly

When creating castings to custom specifications, we can save the customer money by casting his part with minimal machining necessary, and we don’t waste extra material-we recover all turnings for remelt into more parts.

Quality Service and Experience

An employee-owned company, the longevity of our personnel increases the level of customer service and support you receive.

Standard Testing

We perform in-house testing for composition, but also use outside lab testing for customers who need a specialty testing on strength and chemistry.

Extensive Inventory and Quick Turnaround

We stock continuous cast round, tube, and rectangle bar in incremental sizes up to 13” in diameter that can be cut and shipped in most cases the same day.