O&D’s own in-house foundry offers centrifugal castings ranging from 2″ to 44″ in diameter in a wide variety of bronze allows. We can customize your metal needs by using your unique chemical specifications provided to us. We cast using a no-bake sand casting and solid mold casting methods to further serve your needs. We stock a variety of bronze alloys on site. 

We supply copper based Rough-Turned/Rough-Bored (RTRB) castings in a variety of sizes, quantities, and alloys with a quick response time. We conform these castings to your specifications with an additional ⅛” stock added to save you machining time and material cost. With our clean, modern foundry facilities, we serve as an in-house material supplier to our own finished machines. 

Please browse our list of just some of the many alloy specifications and applications offered.

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Casting Leaded & Non-Leaded Bronze Alloys

Casting Methods:

Centrifugal casting, air-set sand casting & solid mold casting.

Centrifugal Molds:

Vertical, horizontal, and flange


2″ up to 44″ diameters-pour weight up to 1,600 lbs

Cast Alloys:

Tin bronze, bearing bronze, aluminum bronze, manganese bronze, lead-free bronze, nickel-silver and many others (including unique chemical specifications)

On-site spectrographic analysis:

Using the latest technology, we can accurately measure the chemistry of copper-based alloys in-house and adjust the chemistry to conform with your specification.

Bronze Alloys and Applications

Click on a particular alloy to view a brief description including chemical and physical properties.


Leaded Tin-Bronze




Lead-Free Bronze


Lift Swing Induction – Qty 1
#60 crucible, Max cast wt. – 210 lbs.
Lift Swing Induction – Qty 2
#225 crucible, Max cast wt. – 640 lbs
Tilting Box Induction – Qty 2
Crucible liner, Max cast wt. – 1500 lbs
Aluminum Bronze
Casting Machines:
4 horizontal / 5 vertical units 2″ OD to 44 1/2″ O.D., Steel and graphite molds for many sizes – mold lengths available up to 27″ Max
Sand Casting CapabilitiesNo-Bake Sand Molding System –
Varying Flask and Pattern Capabilities
Alloy Analysis EquipmentSPECTRO MAXX Spectrometer – Alloy Verification